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The Town Council

Your Town Council is made up of 14 men and women. Portishead Town Council has four wards, namely: Portishead North, Portishead South, Portishead East, and Portishead West. 


Councillors provide their time free of charge, as their work is unpaid and strictly voluntary. It can be a time-consuming business, sometimes, with little or no recognition for the considerable amount of work and commitment it takes to do the job.


If you need to talk to one of your ward councillors, their names, addresses and telephone numbers can be found under Council Members.







The Town Council is not responsible for the collection of Council Tax, Highways matters, Refuse Collection, Education, Housing : all of which are the responsibility of North Somerset Council, a separate organisation (01934 888888).






The responsibilities of the Town Council are shown elsewhere on this website under Council Services.


Portishead Town Council Crest