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Waste Catch Up - Friday 5 January/Saturday 6 January

News - 5 January 2018

Waste Catch Up - Friday 5 January/Saturday 6 January

Dear All

Unfortunately due to the unprecedented amount of recycling that has been presented over the last week and the major disruptions to the M5 yesterday this has caused a knock on effect to the waste catch up for this week.

To ensure this is caught up in the most efficient way, vehicles are clearing all of yesterday’s work (Tuesday catch up) and will also service the outlying areas of today’s work but this will mean that we will not collect recycling from Portishead today.  There are 13 routes that collect from the whole of Portishead but we will be sending in 17 vehicles to clear the area on Saturday 6 January.  The rest of the fleet will start Thursdays work in Weston super Mare.  Any work that is left out on Thursday will be caught up on the Monday when all  the routes will be in the Weston super Mare area and as it is the last week of catch up I am hopeful that we will see a decrease in the volume of recycling presented.

Apologies that we have had to suspend this service in Portishead today but it was the best way of getting the service back on track.

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