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Council Allotments

Portishead Town Council is responsible for providing allotment facilities to its residents. Indeed the provision of allotments is one of the statutory provisions of a parish council.

Allotment sites are made up of plots of differing sizes, some shared between residents who grow both flowers and vegetables. For people who have a small garden or no gardens at all allotments are a welcome facility.

Currently in Portishead there are four allotment sites –

  • Beach Hill (overlooking the Lake Grounds)
  • Lower Down Road (between The Deans and St Mary's Park)
  • North Weston Allotments in Clevedon Road
  • Gertie Gale's Allotments in Clevedon Road

Three of the sites are run by two different Allotment Associations. The Portishead Allotment Association looks after Beach Hill and Lower Down Road and the North Weston Allotment Committee runs the North Weston site. The Gertie Gale's site is run by the Gertie Gale's Allotment Association.

If you wish to apply for an allotment you must be a resident of the Town. At the present time there are waiting lists for all the allotment sites. However you may put your name on more than one list and the contacts for each association will be able to advise you on the cost and length of waiting list. If you have been waiting for a while they will also be able to advise you of your position on the list.

For further information on North Weston allotments, please contact the North Weston Allotment Committee at

For further information on the Beach Hill and Lower Down Road allotments, please contact the Allotment Association at

For information on the Gertie Gale's site contact the Gertie Gale's Allotment Association at

Last updated: Thu, 26 Jan 2023 19:17