Creating a Modern Town of the Future

Benches and Public Seats

Portishead Town Council maintains over 20 public benches.

Battery Point

Near Swimming Pool (Cllr Jeff Gamlin Memorial Seat).

Front of site (Mike Lindsay Memorial Seat).

Beach Road West

Opposite No 26 (Mr Daniels Memorial Seat).

Clevedon Road

Corner of Mead Road (Memorial Seat Gordon Green).

Down Road

Outside The Ship Public House (Cllr John Daws Memorial Seat).

High Street

Outside Petersfield (Relocated from Cabstand – WI)

Folk Hall Car Park (Eunice Wood Memorial Seat)

National Westminster Bank

Victoria Court (Memorial Seat Carlos Luxa)

Outside HSBC Bank (relocated from outside Library).

Coastal Footpath

Black Nore Lighthouse (Mr Davis Memorial Seat)

Black Nore Lighthouse (Freda Pemberton Memorial Seat)

Kilkenny Field (Mr Lester Memorial Seat)

Adjacent The Windmill Public House – below parking area (Memorial Seat Carlos Luxa)

Sugar Loaf Beach (above Sailing School) – (Teresa Sims Memorial Seat)

Sugar Loaf Beach (above old diving platform).

Hillside Road

Ex North Weston Parish Seat Queen's Silver Jubilee

Queen's Golden Jubilee.

Newhaven Road

Outside Redcliffe Bay Hall (John Daws – Family Memorial Seat).

Nore Road

Junction with Down Road.

Picnic Grounds

Below horseshoe of trees (Frederick Cook Memorial Seat).

Lake Grounds

At east side of Lake (Norman Richards Memorial Seat).

Slade Road

Junction with Church Road South

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