19th June 2024

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Sustainable Event for Residents of Portishead

Sustainable Event for Residents of Portishead

With many feeling the strain of the increased cost of living, Portishead Town Council have been working alongside The Poacher Pub on the High Street in Portishead to organise an Adult Clothes Swap for residents of the town.

The event which is taking place on Thursday 20 July at 7pm, is aimed at encouraging sustainable fashion within the town. The event is open to everyone and all you need to do is bring up to ten items of good condition clothing, shoes and/or accessories and take what you need!

On the evening, you'll also have access to a seamstress and sustainable stylist Becky Barnes will be available. Plus, there will be a vintage clothes sale!

Tickets for the event are £5, which also includes a drink and light buffet and can be purchased from The Poacher Pub or by calling 01275 843 209.

Posted: Thu, 6 Jul 2023

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