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Wellbeing is an essential part of everyday life, integral to leading a happy and healthy lifestyle. The National Association for Local Government asserts that as the first tier of local government and the closest port of call for residents', local (parish and town) councils can play a huge role in ensuring our communities are robust, healthy, and thriving places to live.

Local councils, by providing information, services, and access, can help improve the lives of residents. Wellbeing is personal and different for everyone but by highlighting the effect of hidden disabilities and promoting the roles that local stakeholder's and community groups can play we can increase awareness and bring about positive change for our community.

Cost of Living Fund

Portishead Town Council has created a Cost-of-Living (COL) support fund which will be distributed through local referral and support groups so that the money goes to those most in need during the current economic challenges.

This is a Portishead Town Council fund solely to support Portishead residents who are struggling due to the current cost-of-living crisis. Organisations can be given e-vouchers to help support throughout Portishead, funding to help in the provision of food, clothing, energy bank vouchers and other relevant cost-of-living support to Portishead Residents who are unable to meet short-term, emergency needs in a crisis, or where they need support to maintain their independence in the community.

For more information and how you can apply see below:-

Last updated: Mon, 27 Mar 2023 14:02